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We are Blue Cow Digital, a digital marketing agency based right in the heart of the bustling and picturesque seaside town of Southport. Web design is our speciality.

Although our team of digital gurus primarily offer a sprinkling of  other online digital products to sit alongside your website to help your business prosper and flourish. After all we understand that a website is one piece of the bigger picture. We have a wealth of industry experience built up under the belt that has helped businesses big and small across the North West grow.

Our digital marketing spectrum covers websites, search engine optimisation, social media campaigns, branding and everything in between.

Your Journey Is Our Journey.

In a rapidly growing digital environment, we understand that sometimes it can be quite a mountain to climb to make your business stand out from the crowd.

When you work with us, we plan a carefully structured digital marketing strategy and are with you every step of the way, all to ensure you reach your end goal and reap the rewards.

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Planning & Scoping

In the initial phase of the project, we will clearly lay out the marketing plan step by step and discuss requirements and scope, budgeting and short/long term feasibility.

Planning And Scoping Graphic



Once project requirements have been ascertained, we proceed to create a personality, look and feel for your business, and explore target markets and brand engagement. Our goal is to ensure we deliver a solid concept that is memorable to your target audiences and one that can be adapted to integrate into an evolving business model.

Concept Graphic


Brand Design & Toolkit

Once the concept is complete, we create the final designs and produce it into a brand toolkit document. A comprehensive visual overview of colour palettes, font families, graphics, icons and much more can be experimented with and reviewed to get the feel of the brand.

Brand And Design Toolkit Graphic


Campaign Planning

We will detail structured plans for campaigns that we will run for your social media channels. Ready to promote that new product or service to new audiences? We have you covered.

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Web Design

The web design process takes place pre-build. We consider all aspects of design for the best user experience and our philosophy revolves around a mobile-first approach to make website look and work great on mobile devices.

Website Design Graphic


Website Build

The implementation of the website build can be started according to the agreed design. We utilise core web technologies and combine these with the scalability of the WordPress CMS platform to offer a highly customisable end product. And if you need a shopfront to manage and sell your products and services we can also deploy an eCommerce system on top.

Website Build Graphic



During post launch, we can assist in optimising your new website with the aim of getting to the top of search engine giants like Google. Our broken down, easy to understand analytics reports can help paint a page by page picture of how users engage with your content.

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Social Media

Struggling to keep content refreshed? We will continue to promote your business and it’s products/services with regular social posts containing top tips, informative videos and customer reviews/shout-outs to engage and attract more traffic to your products and services.

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Whether it is an update to existing infrastructure or simply an expansion needed into new office space or premises, our sister company AdaptiveComms is the one stop shop for your business and all things communication. From business phone systems to scalable WiFi and CCTV solutions, the sky is the limit.

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