Helping a bespoke kitchen fitting company get online.

Acorn Kitchens of Formby has a great reputation of delivering top quality bespoke kitchens to its customers and when they approached us for a website redesign we knew they wanted to extend their target audience.

The client wanted to modernise the website and portray the idea of Acorn being more than just ordinary kitchen fitters – they wanted to tell the audience they could provide a whole range of fitting services.

The Design.

The colour palette of white, gold and green was kept and a new logo was used in place of the old one, dropping an old mantra from below the graphic and modernising the look and feel of the brand.

The new website homepage features a banner with parallax sliding effect and a pop out navigation menu ensures that the page remains decluttered and tidy when viewed across all devices.

A sliding carousel and numerous service boxes below this showcase to the audience the suppliers and services that Acorn source and offer to their customers. A project portfolio area serves to showcase the latest work done by the team and provides a opportunity to showcase their best designs. Testimonials are present across all pages to re-enforce the reputation of the business.

Our services provides a brief overview of the phases of kitchen fitting and lets the user know the process Acorn adopts for all their customers. The contact page features an embedded map and opening hours for the showroom.

The end result is a huge improvement with more visuals and colours popping out on the page, optimisation of layout for mobile devices and more dynamic elements on pages to enhance the user experience and increase interaction when scrolling through the site.

The Features.


The website has been designed and developed with mobile devices in mind and displays on a variety of phones, tablets and small laptops.

Google Maps Integration

An embedded maps element was added onto the contact page to allow users to find the business and to get directions from their location.

Testimonials Form

To encourage customers to leave feedback on work done by Acorn and to help increase reputation and encourage recommendation to others, the ability to submit a testimonial by form was added to the new site.

Popout Menu

Pop out navigation has been integrated onto the website to help increase visibility of other elements on the site such as banners and copy/imagery when viewed on smaller devices.

Parallax & Sliding Footer

This effect has been popped in to make the footer area pop out from the rest of the page.

Interactive Carousels

Sliding carousels listing supplier names have been popped on the homepage and the about us page to let prospective customers know what fixtures and fittings can be used in design.

The Facts.

Fitting Services
Suppliers Of Fixtures & Fittings
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