A tasty refresh for a hungry audience.

Sefton Council successfully led a £1.4m refurbishment of Southport Market with the aim of transforming it into a bustling hub of food and entertainment.

Running concurrently with this refurbishment, we were approached by the council to build a new website to showcase the updated look and feel.

It needed to be colourful and clean, accessible to all and reflect the wide selection of local and international cuisine. The market also wanted to present itself as a go to location for prime events.

Working with Manchester based Vivid Marketing Agency, we utilised a radiant colour palette along with custom flourishes, fonts and patterns to produce a series of bright, easy to follow pages that painted a delicious picture of what each stall offered and provided a background into the market’s illustrious past.

An immersive video banner on the homepage was implemented to allow the end user to visually fly around the market and explore the stalls and a calendar was integrated into the site to allow upcoming events to be filtered and browsed.

Social media integration played a key part with each stall page having its own links to several platforms to help boost user engagement and get people talking.

The end result was a beautiful, highly functional website that was optimised to run on computers, tablets and phones.

The Features.


The website has been designed and developed with mobile devices in mind and displays on a variety of phones, tablets and small laptops.

Events Calendar

We developed an area for Southport Market to showcase the latest events that are being hosted at the market. Users can search for an event by name or date and filter by category


To show off the Market in its new look and the customers enjoying the cuisine, we implemented a gallery page packed full of high resolution photography.

Custom Fonts

Website headings use a special font with shadow drop that stands out on the page and ties in with the radiant colour scheme from the toolkit.

Social Media Integration

Social Media links are included on each food stall page and can be customised to include various platforms that the trader uses.

Video Banner

An immersive video banner was introduced into the header that took users on a journey around the market interior and food stalls.

The Facts.

Pages Of Food & Drink
Photographs Displayed
Lines Of CSS Code

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