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At Blue Cow Digital, we understand that a good brand is more than just the visual elements, it is a powerful statement that relays how your business is perceived by others and can affect your reputation and standing across the markets you are targeting.

When you work with us, we want to help you create an engaging brand strategy that will ooze confidence and cement trust and loyalty across audiences old and new.

Our strategies involve thorough market research into trends, competitors and KPIs to help identify the segments that your business needs to be positioned towards. From here we can help you achieve successful implementation and growth through robust and consistent guidelines and powerful advertising mediums such as a website and social media campaigns to give customers to something to shout about.

Improving Recognition & Awareness.

Don’t let your brand fall into the trap of being like for like. We can help promote brand awareness through numerous advertising mediums and make it stand out from the rest.

Brand Awareness & Recognition
Your brand is your statement and an important asset. We can help to create consistency with solid guidelines.

Setting Solid Guidelines.

To ensure your brand is well represented, respected and attractive to your audiences, consistency is needed across the board. We can collate all information relating to your brand and present it in an easy to read guidelines brochure. This can be entirely customised to suit your needs and will contain sizing of visual graphics and photography along with rules of usage, choice of font families, colour palettes, slogans and messaging, tone of voice standards as well as much more.

Implementing Across Mediums.

Research shows that brands that advertise regularly tend to have more loyal customers.

Whether it be your website, business socials, email campaigns, letterheads, business cards or another advertising medium. We will work with you to ensure that your identity is consistent and meaningful to your audiences.

Whether it is a website, social media presence, letterhead or business card we can make your brand appealing to whoever it reaches.
As your business grows your brand will change.

The Future Is Not Set.

Business rarely stands still. Markets evolve or disappear, trends rise and decline and customers will change their habits. We realise these shifts can have a profound impact on your business and brand and sometimes a new direction might be needed.

We can work with you to help reposition your brand for the next chapter and through careful re-evaluation of your strategy can help identify potential new markets and audiences to target.

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Looking For Fast, Reliable Comms?

Whether it is an update to existing infrastructure or simply an expansion needed into new office space or premises, our sister company AdaptiveComms is the one stop shop for your business and all things communication. From business phone systems to scalable WiFi and CCTV solutions, the sky is the limit.

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We design and build mobile friendly websites that are highly functional, engaging and look great on all screen sizes.

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We can boost your online ranking and ensure that your business is always on page one of Google as well as discover how users interact with your website.

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Increase your brand awareness and reach out to new audiences with our Social Media Marketing strategy. We can help deliver new traffic and fresh interest to your website and products/services.

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