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Your website design is a statement of uniqueness but we also know that it is a shop window to the world.

Whether you advertise your services or sell your product lines, it is essential that the technical and visual elements on your website are meaningful and strategic so that your users keep coming back and back.

At Blue Cow Digital, we can work with your existing website and implement first-class SEO practices to help your business gain more of a foothold in your target market with the ultimate objective of being in the hot seat above your competitors.

Our packages will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors by boosting your credibility and authority, attract new audiences that were previously out of reach, improve overall experience and build awareness of your brand.

A thorough top to bottom analysis.

If your website is suffering in rankings and standings with Google and the other search engines, we will use our analytics software and tools to create an action plan to improve performance with short and long-term objectives.

We will also take a look at your main competitors in the market and look at their successes and failures in rankings to save time and ensure that you are getting the best value for money in your campaigns.

We can help your business climb the ladder and rank.
Keywords are very important for ranking in SEO.

Keyword driven content.

Your target audience will be searching Google for information that is relevant and meaningful when looking for your business.

Without the proper keywords sprinkled throughout your content it can make the visibility of your pages on Google difficult… and if users can’t find your product or service then they will jump to the next best thing.

We will generate a list of keyword ideas that we feel are relevant to your website and business and handpick the ones we feel will have a significant impact on drawing in and attracting more organic traffic.

Relevant backlinks and pillar content will be focused around these keywords to help build and boost the credibility and authenticity of your domain and website.

Monitor page statistics.

We can identify very quickly which pages are receiving all the hits and which pages are not getting any traffic through numerous data gathering techniques such as heatmapping and click and tap events on specific elements. From this data we can then suggest ways to make items on your pages more visible and appealing for users to hang around and interact with not only improving the layout of your website but also increasing the duration they spend looking at what you have to offer.

We can monitor page performance using informative dashboards.

SEO Statistics

Ranking factors are built into the Google search engine algorithm to rank websites.
That is how much of the Search Engine market is currently controlled by Google
Of Google search queries contain four words or more.
Of searches carried out are phrased as questions.
of smartphone owners will use a search engine at least once a day.

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Whether it is an update to existing infrastructure or simply an expansion needed into new office space or premises, our sister company AdaptiveComms is the one stop shop for your business and all things communication. From business phone systems to scalable WiFi and CCTV solutions, the sky is the limit.

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We design and build mobile friendly websites that are highly functional, engaging and look great on all screen sizes.

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Increase your brand awareness and reach out to new audiences with our Social Media Marketing strategy. We can help deliver new traffic and fresh interest to your website and products/services.

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We can work with you to develop a solid brand strategy that help build confidence, trust and loyalty with your target audience and one that adapts as your business model evolves.

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