Turning your concept into a roaring success.

We have quite a few years under our belts when it comes to web design and development and we know all the ingredients needed to make something great.

After all a website is one of if not the most important tool in your marketing strategy. It is a statement of your brand and business legitimacy and one that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your visitors.

So maybe you already have an existing website that is long due an overhaul and would like to expand the functionality to allow more interaction for your viewers. We can do it. You might want a brand new modern website to promote new products or services and reach out to new audiences driving more traffic and growth. We can do it.

Whatever your requirements, our team of expert web designers are here take your idea off the ground. No project is too big or small, from a simple brochure website to a fully functional eCommerce store we have you covered.

Built from scratch, just for you.

You want a unique website that represents your business and your brand in every way. All our websites are carefully designed to be modern, contemporary and competitive. We strive to offer a great user experience and promote your brand and services to your target audience.

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Pocket friendly.

All our websites are built with responsiveness in mind. They work seamlessly on any device, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones. We achieve this utilising the latest CSS and JavaScript technology coupled with responsive web design techniques to ensure your site is engaging all your customers regardless of what devices they use.

Security & Maintenance. Peace Of Mind.

Website security is essential for protecting your content and your website visitors’ information. All our websites include configured technology to provide enhanced security such as web application firewalls, brute force login protection and anti-spam software. If you host your website with us we will also provide a free SSL certificate and HTTPS enforcement configuration. Regular checks and updates of site files and plugins are also taken in account in a post-launch environment.

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Bluecow websites are SEO optimised.

SEO Ready

As part of our web development process, we perform various checks, optimisations and tool installations to ensure your new website is ready for full search engine optimisation going forward. If you have an old website already ranked on Google we’ll also employ redirects where possible to make sure those established search engine results still link through to the relevant pages on your new site.

We will also be happy to provide a bespoke SEO strategy for your new site and a quotation for SEO services from us if you wish to take it further.

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WordPress Specialists

WordPress is today’s ideal content management system for web development, and your website will benefit from both our extensive expertise with the platform combined with years of WordPress community development and evolution in areas of design, customisability, ease of management, security, SEO compatibility and future expansion.

Fast Hosting

A fast website keeps people engaged and can improve your rankings with Google. Our web hosting packages are fast, reliable and competitive, ensuring your website is accessible and quick for your customers. We also utilise fast, lightweight code frameworks for our website builds where possible, and optimise these with the latest caching and minifying techniques.

GDPR Compliant

We understand that meeting GDPR requirements can seem overwhelming. As part of our web design process we will assist in making your site compliant by including a cookie consent bar, cookie policy and privacy policy. We will also include any other documentation you wish to provide on your website such as terms and conditions or certificates.

The Technologies We Use.

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Whether it is an update to existing infrastructure or simply an expansion needed into new office space or premises, our sister company AdaptiveComms is the one stop shop for your business and all things communication. From business phone systems to scalable WiFi and CCTV solutions, the sky is the limit.

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