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So you have a shiny new WordPress website to show off your business and services to your customers. But is it secure enough to face the digital threats of today? Beyond an SSL certificate you will likely want to make sure that your files and data and protected from attacks. Cyber security is on the rise and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Thankfully so are the tools to help detect and combat them and in this post we will provide an overview of two website security plugins that can be used to help guard your site and content against unwanted threats.

You can protect your website data with a variety of security plugins.

WordFence Website Security

It is safe to say, the authors and contributors behind the WordFence plugin have created one of the best comprehensive all round website security solutions for WordPress. Available to download for free and extend with paid features, it offers tools such as real-time protection, where your website is constantly monitored for any suspicious activity, a firewall that is constantly learning about and protecting you from an evolving list of known vulnerabilities in different WordPress versions, a scanning utility to detect and remove malware threats and enhanced security options such as 2-factor verification and blacklisting/whitelisting of IP addresses.

The community behind this plugin is dedicated to ensuring maximum protection and thanks to regular contributions to address security challenges and concerns, each new version always comes armed with the latest database of known vulnerabilities. Notifications for each security feature in the plugin are completely customisable too, allowing you to control what alerts and updates are sent to you. WordFence will tell you anywhere at anytime about potential threats and attacks that your website is facing. Finally there is also a comprehensive list of dashboard analytics that will provide useful information such as how your website security is performing over periods of time, latest locations of unknown and unsuccessful login attempts and much much more.

A licence key is required to complete setup of the plugin and an email signup is needed to obtain this. More premium and paid functionality involves a support team that can assist you with incident tracking, malware handling and can give prompt 24/7 response to any security concerns you may be worried about and need looking into. Please visit the WordPress plugin repository to download WordFence for free today!


Another popular website security plugin for users is Loginizer developed by Softaculous. This plugin offers free and premium paid features and specialises in brute force protection. This means that there is a mechanism in place to prevent hackers from repeatedly getting access to your account through multiple password attempts. Other free features include extended lockouts for specific IP addresses after a maximum number of tries.

There are preconfigured settings available on installation but these can be automatically adjusted to provide a number of permutations to enhance security. Number of retires can be reduced to tighten attempts and the lockout period can be extended by a number of hours to prevent repeated attacks.

Paid features include the setup of 2-factor authentication and reCAPTCHA mechanisms to detect spamming as well as password less login, renaming of the login page to stop automated attacks and disabling of XML-RPC features in WordPress to prevent remote code injection. There is also an extensive online community that can provide support and troubleshooting.

Please visit the WordPress plugin repository to download Loginizer for free today!

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